tv shows 2016

My thoughts on TV shows watched in 2016 thus far.

TV Show (season) Stars (4) Comments
The Ranch (2) 3 Mindless television at it’s best. Witty jokes that make me laugh.
Archer (2-4) 3.5 Who doesn’t love Archer or want to be him for just a bit? Phrasing! I also love from Archer’s perspective, most of his thoughts makes sense to him given his point of view.
Person of Interest (5) 3 Interesting, and scary, view of whats potentially going on today or in the close future given the explosive growth of AI.
The Fall (2) 3 Really sucks you into that world. Love the point of view from the antagonist’s point of view.
Stranger Things (1) 4 Wow this is a great show! Is there an underworld?
The Night Of (1) 4 So, did he do it or not? He’s both capable and not.
Mr Robot (2) 4 Season 2 has a lot of thinking and pain. Ready for some action!
SNL 4 I like the show a lot, but where is it going? Maybe finding true stars with staying-power is a hard thing to do ;)
Catastrophe (1) 3 Fun to cringe.
Westworld 4+ Wow.
Man in the high castle tbd need to finish
Star Trek NTG (3 & 4) 4 Keep them coming.
X-Files 3 Keep it coming as well.
Comedian in Cars 3 Love the realness of Jerry. He doesn’t like all of his guests.
Veep 4 Love it and cant wait for the new season
Always Sunny 4 Pretty good season.
Mozart in the Jungle 3 Fun to watch
Elementary 3 Lost traction on this one.
Modern Family 3 Have to wtch it
Last Week Tonite 5 Wow is this show informative and scary. Amazed at how little I know about most things going on in the world.
Big Bang Theory 3 How are they going to keep this going?

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