All about Sam whom we miss everyday.

Sometimes I wish I knew how old the beagle is. It’s not crucial, I’d just like to know. I think Sam likes his family, not really sure. I seriously think almost any beagle would go home with whomever happened to be around at the time. Not that he doesn’t appreciate the time and effort given to him, it’s just he’s a beagle, I guess. Never met a dog who just loves to be in the car as much as Sam does. I often wonder what he would do if he actually got to jump out of the car wherever he may be. Would he calm down? Maybe it’s a dominance thing with him, kind of feels out of control. He has definitely perfected the art of keeping his slobbery face out the window while taking a turn at high velocity. Quite the sight really.

People that know Sam think he should look like this. He does enjoy eating, maybe too much sometimes.

Sam is definitely the coolest dog that I have met to date. The story of how Sam came into my life is this. Katie and I have always loved the infamous beagle. They always look so care-free and happy. We often went to the Humane Society of Central Illinois to check out the dogs, always on the lookout for a beagle. We actually like a few dogs that start with the letter ‘B’. Such dogs would include Boston Terrier, Boxer, and the Bulldog. However, most of the dogs up for adoption are male labs/mutts. However, one day we were perusing over the dogs when we spotted this male beagle. His eyes were the saddest, most heartbroken eyes I have seen. He came over to the gate on his crate, gave us a look, then went back to his blanket. How sad the little buddy looked. From there we knew that this buddy needed our help. So, filled out the application, etc. At the humane society, they do not allow you to interact with the pets before your application is approved, stupid isn’t it? Anyway, application approved, got to take the little buddy outside in their fenced area. First thing he did was run up and down the length of the fence chasing some other dog. I thought to myself, self, this is not encouraging. Anyway, I manage to get his attention, we interact for a bit. He has had enough, back to the other dog and the aimless running. But, we were set in our decision to adopt the little guy.

One really does experience a sense of satisfaction to make it through the dog adoption process, can’t imagine the work to adopt a child. Anyway, there is a picture included of the first day with Sam. Thinking back, we thought about naming him Sparky, good thing we went with Sam. Sparky come, Sparky sit, Sparky would have gotten old rather quickly. Anyway, got Sam home, Maggie and Sam seemed to tolerate each other. From then to present, Sam has been a happy member of our family.

Over the three years that we have had Sam, he has definitely changed his ways. No longer the bachelor loser trying to impress chicks and hang with the guys, he is now a rather tame man. Although, he does become all riled up whenever he spots a male golden retriever. Definitely due to his buddy Boca at the lake. They have the best time together. Boca is really quick and agile, while Sam is definitely not as quick. But, Sam will howl continuously while trying to catch up with Boca. One would definitely think that all the howling would slow him down. He must think that it’s much more important to vocalize his feelings.

All in all, Sam has turned out to be a great good little buddy. The beagle is, to say the least, a unique breed, definitely worth the torment they may cause.

Here is a sample of Sam’s howling. It is a random howl, he obviously wasn’t all that excited about the food to be given for his good deed.

Check out some of the pictures taken of Sam.

First day with Sam

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