TV Shows 2016

Random shows from 2016

TV Show (season)Stars (x/4)Comments
The Ranch (2)3Mindless television at it’s best. Witty jokes that make me laugh.
Archer (2-4)3.5Who doesn’t love Archer or want to be him for just a bit? Phrasing! I also love from Archer’s perspective, most of his thoughts makes sense to him given his point of view.
Person of Interest (5)3Interesting, and scary, view of whats potentially going on today or in the close future given the explosive growth of AI.
The Fall (2)3Really sucks you into that world. Love the point of view from the antagonist’s point of view.
Stranger Things (1)4Wow this is a great show! Is there an underworld?
The Night Of (1)4So, did he do it or not? He’s both capable and not.
Robot (2)4Season 2 has a lot of thinking and pain. Ready for some action!
SNL4I like the show a lot, but where is it going? Maybe finding true stars with staying-power is a hard thing to do ;)

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