Ebertfest 2016

My thoughts on ebertfest 2016 movies

TitleStars (x/4)Comments
Ghostbusters2The actors were great, story never happened.
Deadpool4Loved it for what it is. Opening credits set the tone for what came next.
Central Intelligence2Formulaic, But Kevin Hart is fun!
Bad Moms3Loved the story and the fighting. Ended as one would expect :(
Sausage Fest3.5What an interesting story and awesome cast.
Zootopia3Sloths were amazing. Excellent story and nice to delve into a new world.
Jason Bourne2It had to be a movie of previously deleted scenes. Story sucked.
The Nice Guys3Great story. Not a Russell Crowe fan usually, but enjoyed the performance. Quirky story and I loved it.
Everybody Wants Some!!1.5Story never materialized. Scenes, decor, and people looked like they were from the 70s.
Whisky Tango Foxtrot3Liked the story and people more than I thought I would. The ambition of Tiny’s character is inspiring.
Keanu3Funny and awesome jokes. Glad Keanu was found.
Zoolander 22.5It was close to being as funny and quirky as the first one. Enjoyed it nonetheless.
Spectre2Great locations, shooting in every single scene. Bad guy wasn’t as cool as Christoph Waltz’s other characters. Felt like he wasn’t allowed to do his thing.
Carol3I really liked the story and acting. Felt so sad for Carol. Loved the cinematography, especially after learning the subtle way in which the scenes were shot.
Crimson Peak3Ebertfest 2016 - Overly long movie. Wasn’t meant to be scary visually, but was so mentally.
Grandma3.5Ebertfest 2016 - What an interesting story and actors. Don’t usually love this kind of movie, but the whole premise of messed up lives coming together in a time of need rocks.
Northfork3Ebertfest 2016 - Loved the scenery and movie premise. Most of the thoughts and story of the movie were visual over oral.
The Third Man3Ebertfest 2016 - Seen the movie at least three times, but still stands up well given it’s a classic.
Disturbing the Peace4Ebertfest 2016 - Amazing insights into the struggles between Israel and Palestine from the view of both sides. Sadly learned many new things from the movie over any information previously read.
L’Inhumaine3Ebertfest 2016 - Alloy Orchestra is amazing as always. Really thought the movie went well with their style. Wow was the movie long.
Eve’s Bayou3Ebertfest 2016 - Movie still stands up today. Good acting, but tough to watch at certain points.
Force of Destiny3.5Ebertfest 2016 - Sad story of one’s fight against cancer and being vulnerable.
Radical Grace4Ebertfest 2016 - Amazing documentary about nun’s and their role, and strong limitations, in the Catholic church. In this day and age, why would an organization dampen all of the awesome works done day-to-day by nuns.
Love and Mercy3Ebertfest 2016 - Wow was it great and sad about one’s influence over another is just amazing. It highlights the importance of someone looking out for you.
Star Trek Beyond2.5My least favorite of the reboots thus far. I’m not loving the super-dark turn of the stories. Maybe its going to take a bit of time to accept that. Start Trek was always in it’s own nitch of darkness on its own terms. Now it’s following the other franchies out there. Destroying the Enterprise is not something I enjoy to begin with. The motorcycle scenes while rescuing the crew was awfully cheap. Literally thousands of crew members died, but at the end all of the main cast, none died, had a great cheery birthday party. Bring JJ back.
Dr Strange2.5Visuals were amazing, but didn’t love the plot. Could they have misused Rachael McAdam’s character anymore. Along with the villain - what was the point of even bothering given how little importance he was given.
13 hourstbdFarfar’s top 10+
babushkas of chernobyltbdtop 10
the accountanttbdtop 10
hell or high watertbdtop 10
life of pets3cool
edge of 17tbdtop 10
elvis and nixontbdtop 10
hacksaw ridgetbdtop 10
hateful eight3wasnt as cool as i wanted it to be.
jack reachertbdguess i have to see it
jane got a guntbdtop 10
the lobstertbdtop 10
midnight specialtbdtop 10
mstk mothstra4rifftrax
roomtbdtop 10
sing streettbdtop 10
star wars4come on.
Sullytbdtop 20
Bridge of Spiestbdnot sure on the year

Not much else to report…