Ebertfest 2015

My thoughts on ebertfest 2015 movies

Overall one of the more interesting and weird movies I have seen compared with previous festivals.

TitleStars (x/4)Comments
99 Homes3Michael Shannon was ruthless as always. Well edited. Story continuity was quite good. Too much moping.
A Bronx Tale3Extremely well cast and technically perfect. Really liked the father and son scenes. Little kid was amazing.
End of the Tour4Jessie Eisenberg and Jason Segel had a really good camaraderie on camera. The story itself was greatly executed by director Jason Ponsoldt, clearly knew the subject and what he wanted to present.
Girlhood3Life of a French teen in the suburbs/hoods of Paris. Great perspective on what it’s really like for some teens.
Goodbye Language1.5Good thing there’s a dog. It just is. Or is it. Didn’t understand a lot of the references so maybe didn’t appreciate it as much. 3D was distracting but that was the point. The incredibly short scenes also led to a fractured storyline but that was probably point. 3D was intense but well used to layer deep shots and interrupt the main story with text.
Ida2.5Really well made. Story was a little slow and drawn out.
Moving Midway2.5Good story about moving a plantation house but a better story about slavery and its toll on the family to present day.
Pigeon Sat on a Bench4Very interesting look. Camera never moved and scenes were quite long. Music was whimsical. Scenes did in fact look like paintings as was said of the direction. Loved the army migration and cafe scene with the horse and king.
Son of Sheik3With Alloy orchestra which is amazing as always. Neighbor sitting next to us was super annoying, literally sneezed on me. Yuck. And talk the entire time. Definitely a petty view on my part, but I feel better anyway. The Alloy Orchestra really is an amazing experience not to be missed.
The Motel Life4Story of two brothers struggling to survive in Reno with no family and no prospects. Alcohol can ruin lives.
Wild Tales4<ol><li>plane crash revenge</li><li>French fries poison revenge</li><li>Road rage revenge</li><li>Dynamite-tow truck revenge</li><li>Hit and run, rich kids always win</li><li>Wedding, true love is blind</li></ol>

Not much else to report…